Surrey Wildlife Trust

Surrey Wildlife Trust (SWT) is the only organisation concerned solely with the conservation of all forms of wildlife in Surrey.

Our vision is for a Living Landscape in Surrey that is rich in wildlife and valued by all

With well over a million people, Surrey is one of the most densely populated counties in the South East, and our proximity to London means this population density is only likely to increase. However, the county is also known for its stunning countryside.

Surrey Wildlife Trust currently manages 82 sites, together covering almost 8,000ha, which is 5% of the land area of the county. We also work with many partners and other landowners to advise on land management for conservation, with particular emphasis on woodland, wetlands, and heathland.

We work with schools, communities and volunteers across Surrey to inform and involve people actively in nature. Over 15,000 children and young people now benefit annually from a wide variety of outdoor learning courses and activities. Each year our enthusiastic volunteers contribute over 10,000 ‘people days’ to our work.

SWT is a key partner in the new Surrey Nature Partnership, and will be a major deliverer of the outcomes required in the England Biodiversity Strategy, Biodiversity 2020. The Trust hosts the Surrey Biodiversity Information Centre, holding over 1 million records, supporting a dedicated network of naturalists, and responsible for gathering, managing and disseminating information on habitats and species for the county. We carry out planning reviews, wildlife survey work, and numerous conservation projects for habitats and species.

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General Enquiries:

Surrey Wildlife Trust, School Lane, Pirbright, Woking, Surrey GU24 0JN

Tel: 07572011426