Now you can find a lost pet within minutes - its so easy. Just call or text the PawTrax and it will wake up and send you a text enabling you to display your pets location on a Google map on your mobile phone.

View live updates and historic snail trail on the The optional web based mapping platform gives you 'live' updates at intervals determined by you. You will see a paw print icon move across the map. Also view the platform on your mobile device.

The PawTrax devices can be used to locate and track your beloved pets (and anything else that is precious to you).

They require a 2G compatible mobile phone SIM card, which we can supply if you wish (UK only) this enables it to report its location via the mobile phone network using GSM or GPRS.

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We are PawTrax with an 'x'. Please do not confuse us with others of a similar name.