Garbo's German Shepherd Dog Rescue

We are a rescue organisation set up not only to ease the lives of German Shepherds that need to find secure and responsible homes, but to provide education and assistance in getting the most out of every GSD. 

We believe that there is a need for specialised and sympathetic care for the German Shepherds that come to us for help and aim to place them with owners who will understand and commit to their future welfare with affection and sympathy. It is a myth the all rescue dogs are ‘trouble’ only coming from abusive home where they have been ill treated or neglected. 

Dogs are sadly given into rescue for many diverse reasons e.g. owners become ill, divorce, go abroad, are evicted from their homes or can no longer afford such a large pet. Often the dog is very much loved and the owner is trying to do the ‘right thing’ for the dog in difficult circumstances.

The adoption process is simple, a prospective new home will be home-checked by one of our volunteers simply to establish suitability of boundary fences and other pets etc, and find out what you desire from a dog. You might want particularly a dog not a bitch or not a puppy but an older dog as a companion. 

At the same time we can explain any problems you might have taking on a rescue dog and shortlist what is available. Garbo’s GSD Rescue is run entirely by unpaid volunteers, nevertheless; there is a huge amount of expenditure involved in kennelling costs, veterinary treatment, food and insurance etc. 

Our funding is from supporters, sponsors and devotees of the breed, some people choose to give a regular small donation to help support us, EVERY penny counts! For those looking to re-home their dog for any reason, we ask for a donation (what you can afford) when a dog is handed in to us and that you be totally honest about the dog, particularly it’s diet and bring whatever documents you have with the dog. 

For the adopter we also ask for a donation, this way we have the funding to give other dogs the help they need, as the adopter we can pass on what information we have and any toys, bedding etc that came with the dog. 

If you wish to adopt, need help, sponsor or donate, please contact: Garbo Garnham on 0208 546 4943 
Your help and interest will be gratefully appreciated!