Morden Family Funday: Donations 2018/19

We are delighted to announce that the 2019 event has raised £7402.25
 for local charities and good causes.
Here is the full list of donations by Morden Family Funday. £4379.39
Mayors Charity Trust £200.00 
One Step At A Time £200.00
Merton/Morden Guild £892.39 
Morden Little League £1,127.00 
Beecholme Belles £150.00 
Morden Runners £80.00 
Rotary Club: Morden £200.00 
MPPFA £100.00
Xpression Dance troop £130.00 
St Johns Ambulance £100.00
ABC Dreams £200.00 
Aerial Tumbling Club £100.00 
Surrey Wildlife £50.00
Serbian Forgotten Paws £100.00 
Friends in St Hillier £50.00 
Maxi Martin Foundation £100.00 
Lynette Bailey Dance Academy £100.00 
Morden Girls League £100.00 
RSPCA £50.00 
CATS Protection £50.00
Sutton Model Engineering Club £300.00

A further £3022.86 was raised on the day by the individual stallholders listed above.

That is now £50,000.00 in the last six years

The 2018 Morden Family Funday event raised £8808.10 for

 various charities and organisations this year:

Donations made from this year event: £5832.40

One Step at a Time £150.00

Merton/Morden Guild £1,049.00

Morden Little League £1,175.00

Rotary Club of Morden £250.00

MPPFA £75.00

Jenny Mussle (Wheelchair) £130.00

Xpression Dance Group £125.00

Beecholme Belles £300.00

Morden Runners £50.00

Aerial Tumbling Club £125.00

ABC Dreams £400.00

St Johns Ambulance £100.00

2nd Morden Scout Group £130.00

Surrey Wildlife Trust £50.00

Friends of St Hillier £50.00

Sutton Engineering £300.00

Morden Girls league £50.00

St Raphaels Hospice £30.00

Serbian Forgotten Paws £50.00

RSPCA £50.00

Elite Dance Group £80.00

Wimbledon W.I. £50.00

Maxi Martin Foundation £50.00

Sea Scouts- Mitcham £50.00

Canine Partners £80.00

Cats Protection £50.00

Catch 22 £30.00

Old Ruts Youths £50.00

Mitcham Park Youths £50.00

Motspur Park Youths £50.00

A further £2975.70 was raised on the day by the stallholders that attended the event for their various charities and organisations .

The Morden Family Funday also made donations of £1913.40 from other events including Merton Dog Watch, Lower Morden Lane Lights, Hatfeild and Aragon Summer fares and Mitcham Carnival:

Blue X Animal Hospital £50.00

Morden Little League £1483.40

Serbian Forgotten Paws £180.00

ABC Dreams £50.00

Aragon School PTA £50.00

2nd Morden Scout Group £100.00

A further £200.00 was raised by stallholders at the Merton Dog Watch.

A GRAND TOTAL of £10,921.50

Morden Family Funday has now raised over £43,000.00 in the last for 5 years.