At 2KickStartU tuition center, we understand the academic sphere is becoming increasingly competitive and there is so much pressure for children to succeed.

When children ‘fail’ in the domain of todays standardised testing processes, something dreadful happens; they feel inadequate and sometimes worse, they are labelled inadequate by those who they look to as their support network. So the task of helping a child to understand, retain and apply knowledge by simply showing them a different way to enable their comprehension, suddenly turns into a magnanimous task of re-instilling their confidence, self-belief and passion for learning.

At 2KickStartU tuition center we celebrate the breathtaking diversity of human talent and our extraordinary potential for growth and development, given the right conditions under which they can flourish. This is why we put our focus on helping each child to understand and learn their way, as we do not believe that one size fits all.

Why 2KickStartU? Because we believe every child can learn, and every child should have the opportunity to flourish – for it’s hardly a question of ability, and mostly a matter of teaching in a way that works for the individual.

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